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Computer Games for PC

Computer games for the PC platform. On this website you will find reviews, downloads and cheats for the finest PC and sniper games computer games available.
Only the finest computer games available for the PC are reviewed here, so if it's reviewed on this site it's a great game.

Nascar 4 computer game
Nascar 4 review
Nascar 4 from Papyrus is much more a simulation than a game. Simulating the popular American stock car racing series with authentic tracks and cars. Accurate car handling on a par with Grand Prix Legends and superb graphics make it a simulation not to be missed by any car enthusiast.
Click for the review from computer games Nascar 4
Red Alert 2 the sequel to the classic Command & Conquer Red Alert is one of the most enjoyable real time strategy computer games to exist on the PC platform.
Fast paced action combined with interesting and varied units make for hours of fun. Using a slimmed down Tiberian Sun game engine, every fan of the genre should have a copy on their computer.
Review of this RTS computer game is here.
Red Alert 2
red alert 2 computer game
Red Alert 2 review
Wolfenstein computer game
Return to Castle Wolfenstein Review
Return to Castle Wolfenstein is the first person shooter sequel to one of the first computer games to effectively use a first person perspective, the early 90s Wolfenstein 3d. The game uses a modified version of the excellent Quake 3 game engine.
Click here to read the Return to Castle Wolfenstein review at computer games.Wolfenstein
Close Combat 3 is the real time strategy game based on the WW2 conflict between Germany and Russia. Slow considered gameplay mark this apart from other RTS games. If you like military strategy then this is one of the computer games available for the PC you should definitely have in your collection.
Review is here Close Combat 3
Close Combat 3 computer game
Close Combat 3 review
Rally Trophy computer game
Rally Trophy review
Rally Trophy covers the period of European rally driving from the sixties to early seventies. Cars include classics like the Mini Cooper and Ford Escort RS2000. These are raced on around 40 stages ranging from snow in Sweden to tarmac and gravel in Finland. Read the review of this excellent computer simulation.
The computer games review is here Rally Trophy
GTA3 review
Grand Theft Auto 3 is the 3rd person action computer game from Rockstar. Following in the footsteps of the previous two GTA games, this version takes the series to a whole new level. This is truly a massive computer game of generally great quality.
GTA 3 Review is here GTA3
Mig Alley review
Mig Alley review
Mig Alley is Rowan's flight simulator covering the early 1950s war that took place in Korea. Very few computer games cover this period in history. Mig Alley is an excellent combat flight simulator that should be on every aviation enthusiasts computer.
Mig Alley Review is here Mig Alley